Are you in the painting business? Have you ever thought about having your own website? Did you know that your domain name place an important role on the internet? This is a website focused on helping painters think through how to create the right domains for their painting business. What is a domain? The key to asking this question is to think through what is the best fit for your painting business.

Is it better to do an exact match domain with your painting business website? For instance if you are looking for painters in a certain area. Is it best to have your domain focusing on something like Denver Or is it better to have your own company brand as the domain? For instance, here is a website where a painting company has centered its domain name around its own brand. Through branding its domain on its website, it is focused on making its brand name.  We believe that is better to focus on branding your domain business name as oppose to going with an exact match domain.

Here are the benefits of having your own domain named after your company:

  1. It is better to market your company on the internet. It is a way of making yourself standout from other painters who would have an exact match domain. Companies that focus on branding will pay more attention to adding their websites to other helpful websites that will promote their business. For instance, they will focus more on sites like Instagram or Twitter.
  2. The negative side of having an exact match domain is that it is more difficult to help your company standout in your particular area. The difference is that people are looking for a company that is centered on painting + a city as oppose to having your name branded throughout your city. This helps to give credibility and authority in your local area.


On top of this it is important to ask other questions about your domain, this is a great article from a business perspective on the do’s and don’ts of securing your domain. Also, here can be a helpful article in thinking through prior to purchasing a business domain for your painting business.

As you move forward in your painting business and establishing your domain and your website, it is important to remember that branding your name in a positive way to your clients is extremely important. Remember market yourself on the web in a very professional, trustworthy manner.